Questions Regarding Trash Pickup and Removal in MD

Titus Trash Service wants their customers to be informed about their trash services.  Below we have provided a listing of customer’s frequently asked questions regarding their services.

1.  What time should I have my trash container out on pick-up day?

Answer:  We recommend setting your trash container out the night before your scheduled pick-up day (granted you do not have issues with local animals invading your trash can).  If the night before is not feasible, please have the container on the curb by 7:00am.

2.  What are your recommendations to prevent animals from invading my trash?

Answer:  You should use quality trash bags, make sure the bag is securely tied shut (double bag if necessary) and place in the container with lid tightly shut.  For an added measure of security, you can place a small amount of ammonia on the bag to camouflage the odor.  You can also place your container out the morning of scheduled pick-up by 7:00am or rent one of our 95 gallon containers with a latch down lid.

3.  On windy days, how can I ensure my trash can will not blow away?

Answer:  Windy days can be a challenge.  We can not guarantee your container will remain securely in place.  However, we take every precaution by securely replacing the lid and laying the container down on it’s side.  If it is an extremely windy day, you may want to consider placing only the bags of trash out on the curb for pickup.  This will ensure your trash container will not disappear.

4.  Will there be trash pick-up on snowy days?

Answer:  When in doubt, it is best to either call us or check our website for weather related updates. 

5.  Do you provide trash service on holidays?

Answer:  Our company is closed on the following holidays and will not provide trash service:  Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day.  (Visit our Customer Holiday Schedule page)

6.  How can I get a Titus Trash 96-gallon container?

Answer:  Just call our office or email us.  We are always available to accommodate your needs!

7.  What are your office hours?

Answer:  Our office is open Monday through Friday – 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.  If you call after hours, please leave a message and we will promptly return your call.

8.  Can I schedule a bulk pick-up?

Answer:  Yes, Titus Trash offers bulk pick-up services.  Call our office to set up a time.