Thanks for putting the all points bulletin together on your web page. And thanks for giving me 10 years of worry free trash hauling. Hope the crew get some rest on labor day, they truly deserve it after the past couple years.

C. Davis, Darnestown

My neighbor and I are both customers. I glanced out the window when I heard the truck coming. I saw the driver of truck 27, Ricky Harris, collect my neighbors trash from up their driveway. What an amazing gesture of customer service. I know that isn’t the norm, I wanted to inform you of him just being him, kind.



Just a short note of thanks for being so reliable in picking up our trash for 30 years (as of last month). I am sure you will get mostly complaints this month for the fuel surcharge so I thought I would send a positive message as I know you have kept our price increases reasonable and I too hope the need for the fuel surcharge is short lived!

Julie, North Potomac

Good morning! I’ve been meaning to send this email for a while. I can’t remember if it was this past Monday or the Monday before, but it was a very windy Monday morning when our trash was waiting for pick-up. Your crew comes very early in the morning (and we can always count on the timing, which is fantastic). We had put out our trash the night before, and the next morning when I came outside to get the empty cans before they blew away, I didn’t see them at the end of my driveway. That’s because someone, and I can only assume it was your employees, had moved our trash can right up against our home. What a nice gesture!! I just wanted to tell you that whoever is picking up our trash has been wonderful since day one: reliable, neat, and thoughtful.

Edit: Employee identified as Reggie Oden

Nina, Derwood

We have used Titus Trash for more than 20 years and the service has been incredible—reliable, friendly just an excellent experience which these days isn’t a guarantee. We have moved out of the County so unfortunately can’t use them anymore. I highly recommend Titus Trash!

E.W., Rockville

This is just a note to let you know that you are appreciated. In these troubling times your consistent good and reliable services are one of the few things we can count on!

Shelley & Jerry G., Rockville

Thanks so much! Your company has been amazing! The guys are so nice and I’ve recommended your company to other neighbors and friends! Thanks again!

Cheryl E., Potomac

I really appreciate the great costumer service. Not only did you reply to my question promptly but you also referred me to a valuable resource. Excellent service. Thanks a bunch for your help.

Davina R., Derwood

I am so pleased with our trash collection service from you! It’s like night and day from the last company we used. Your crew arrives at exactly the same time each week, and they put the lid back on the can and leave everything neatly in place. Please be sure to let them know that they are doing a great job! The other thing I love about your service is that when a holiday comes around you put information on your website about when you will be picking trash up. Our last company left us in the dark and many times never picked up the trash at all. So, I’m sending a pat on the back to all of you at Titus Trash! Thank you!

Nina B., Rockville

Your company has been wonderful to work with! We enjoyed the drivers and the service was awesome. If we are in need of trash service again, we will definitely be using Titus!

Kathy, Gaithersburg