R. F.

I just wanted to take a quick moment to compliment you on one of your service providers. My driver is the best, he is always courteous, considerate, and friendly. Whenever my son and I are at the bus stop and he drives by he gives a wave and a smile. And in some cases, if I had not left out my cans, he confirms I didn’t forget. I would also like to mention that he always leaves my cans upright with lids on, a rare thing to find in today’s world and just another way it proves that he takes great pride and care in his job and the needed service he provides. I work from home, and as such, see our driver often, he is always working hard and hustling. Some of my other neighbors have other trash removal companies, but they are paying more for a less professional service. It is an absolute joy to have him as our trash professional. Thank you for being a continuously positive, on time, professional service company that I count on, and for finding high quality, professional, proud employees that you have placed on your staff.

R. F.Germantown, MD
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